Why Our Gymnastics Grips?

Portia Perdue

Co-owner of Ginnasta USA

Portia has been involved with the leather industry since a very young age, and also ran her own successful Etsy business for several years.  She has worked within and also managed several companies with devotion to outstanding customer service (Southwest Airlines, Sunwest Bank, etc.).  She is very involved in the local Albuquerque, New Mexico gymnastics community, with a daughter competing at the optional level.





Greg Simon

Co-owner of Ginnasta USA

Ginnasta's proprietary leather treatment is what make our grips uniquely competition ready in 30 minutes!

The Ginnasta USA team has 18 years experience in making gymnastics grips for both men and women, wrist supports, grip bags, and many other gymnastics products ~ and 50 years experience manufacturing leather goods.

Greg's experience with leather is unmatched in this industry and is the reason Ginnasta USA's gymnastics grip leather performs in ways other manufacturers cannot equal.

Prior to founding Ginnasta USA, Greg was co-owner of Tiger Paw. He was also the pattern designer of Tiger Paw wrist supports as well as some of the best selling grips in the industry. Additionally, he developed production techniques for the manufacturing of these products.

Before making grips and wrist supports, Greg's factory produced sandals, purses, wallets, belts, gift items, home decor items, and clothing, all in leather.