Ladies Gymnastics Grips Single Buckle with Dowels Ginnasta USA

Comes in Either Narrow or Regular Palm Widths
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ladies gymnastics grips for uneven bars

You MUST measure the gymnast's hand to determine correct size! Click on sizing chart above for detailed instructions. 

Ginnasta USA uses leather that is specifically formulated and treated for gymnastics use:

Our leather won't stretch and is softer and more pliable than other brands.  Buy the correct size and it stays that size.

It is imperative that you measure each time you buy new grips. Ill-fitting grips can be dangerous for the gymnast and could lead to injury. All grip brands differ in sizing so you must follow the manufacturers sizing instructions. Are you unsure if you need regular or narrow width grips? Here's some info which may help you decide:

Still need help with sizing, or have questions? Call or email us!

customers love ginnasta grips for:

Accurate sizing
No break-in time
Unmatched quality
Fast shipping & low shipping cost

Check out our Product Reviews and then ORDER our grips!

With Same Day Shipping on most orders, 
you'll be enjoying your new grips in no time and won't go back to your old pair!



Reviewed by Kellie K, 10/01/2019

These are my daughter's first grips. We picked them after reading lots of gym parent opinions.

I ordered her narrows they broke in immediately and she didn't lose/have to re-learn skills. Customer service was great!

Reviewed by Dean , 09/29/2019

My daughter was struggling with her first pair of grips so much that she just stopped wearing them. I didn't know this for several weeks, but when she came to me with her 3rd rip in the same week I asked what was going on. She told me that her grips kept sliding up her hands and pinching her palms and that it was too painful to keep using them.

That day I did an online search and found Ginnasta grips. After reading the reviews I decided to give them a try and ordered the single buckle narrow grips. I had talked with Portia during the order process and she was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.

Day one with the new grips and my daughter was all smiles. Virtually no break-in and most of all, no slippage.

Thank you Ginnasta and Portia! We will be ordering all our grips from you in the future!!

Reviewed by Rachel -, 09/23/2017

These grips are amazing! I've had mine for about four years and they are in the same quality as I got them in. They haven't ripped, haven't stretched, and haven't gotten thinner. There was absolutely no break in time and the only reason I'm getting a new pair is because I grew out of them.
We LOVE hearing how happy you are and that your grips lasted so long, but please be careful.... those grips are JUST TOO OLD! Rule of thumb is they should last 6 months to a year and after that, they probably are not "gripping" the bar at all and feeling a little slick! Again, we are thrilled that you love our grips but keep a watchful eye on those things and don't let them get too old:)

Reviewed by Gymnast , 02/06/2017

I have used Ginnasta grips and they are the best grips ever, they never rip and they are very easy to break in

Reviewed by Jennifer H, 08/21/2013

I heard about these grips from a Mother at our gym and had also heard about them on "The Chalkbucket".
We ordered these grips late Friday and my bar swinger had them for practice on Monday!
She reported back to me that they were broken in after 1 practice and she loves them!-that is a HUGE compliment coming from my very picky girl.
Will definitely recommend them to others and will definitely order from Ginnasta again!

Reviewed by Ryan R, 05/13/2012

These grips are the best out there. I have been involved in gymnastics for 20 years in the US and now for one year in Norway where I coach the national team...and I've seen a lot of different brands of grips. None come even close to what Ginnasta produces. I recently bought both men's and women's grips and they are excellent quality. Further, the girls could do all their skills on UB the first day of using these grips and the guys could do the same on SR and HB. Virtually no break in time. From this point on, I will buy only from Ginnasta...great product!

Reviewed by Sabrina , 05/13/2012

I just got my ginnasta single buckle regular grips they are wonderful it only took a little wile to break them in and they are super comfortable I am a level 7 gymnast going to 8


How to measure for proper sizing


ladies uneven bars gymnastics grips - correct sizing


1. You will need to find your wrist/hand connection (this is where your wrist and hand meet, and there is a creased line there. This is the exact point to start measuring from).


2. Make sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat (don't cup your palm, and don't stretch your fingers backward either).


3. Measure from the wrist/hand connection (that creased line) to the very tip and end of your middle finger (the longest one). Be precise and don't round up or down! 


If your measurement falls exactly between two sizes, select the smaller size. 


4. Now find your size below, and if you need help, just call us!  505.299.2001



How to measure for the proper size grips:




How to make sure your grips fit, and how to wear properly: