Ladies Gymnastics Grips Star Velcro with Dowels Ginnasta USA

Comes in Either Narrow or Regular Palm Widths
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ladies gymnastics grips for uneven bars

in our fashionable and ever-popular velcro closure


Ginnasta USA uses leather that is specifically formulated and treated for gymnastics use, so that:

Our leather won't stretch and stays soft.  Buy the correct size and it stays that size.

Dowel stitching is machine sewn with thread that is double the weight of industry standards for a stronger, more secure dowel.

customers love ginnasta grips for:

Accurate sizing
No break-in time
Unmatched quality
Fast shipping & low shipping cost

Check out our Product Reviews and then ORDER our grips!

With Same Day Shipping on most orders, 
you'll be enjoying your new grips in no time and won't go back to your old pair!

Reviewed by Amy, 06/29/2016

What a treat to receive such unexpectedly awesome customer service with an online order. I am impressed and would happily order again with Ginnasta-USA.


How to measure for proper sizing


ladies gymnastics grips unever bars better than reisport


1. You will need to find your wrist/hand connection (this is where your wrist and hand meet, and there is a creased line there. This is the exact point to start measuring from).


2. Make sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat (don't cup your palm, and don't stretch your fingers backward either).


3. Measure from the wrist/hand connection (that creased line) to the very tip and end of your middle finger (the longest one). Be precise and don't round up or down! 


If your measurement falls exactly between two sizes, select the smaller size. 


4. Now find your size below, and if you need help, just call us! 1-877-559-2001



How to measure for the proper size grips:




How to make sure your grips fit, and how to wear properly: