Gymnastics Grips for Men and Women | Ladies and Men's Grips Sizing

How to measure for proper sizing of gymastics grips for men and women


gymnastics grips sizing info


1. You will need to find your wrist/hand connection (this is where your wrist and hand meet, and there is a creased line there. This is the exact point to start measuring from).

2. Make sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat (don't cup your palm, and don't stretch your fingers backward either).

3. Measure from the wrist/hand connection (that creased line) to the very tip and end of your middle finger (the longest one). Be precise and don't round up or down! 

If your measurement falls exactly between two sizes, select the smaller size. 

4. Now find your size below, and if you need help, just call us!  505.299.2001

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How to measure for the proper size gymnastics grips:


  How to make sure your grips fit, and how to wear properly: